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Guinea: Beware of real fake visa offers on the internet!
Guinea: Beware of real fake visa offers on the internet!
Mamadou Saïdou Diallo 🇬🇳
Mamadou Saïdou Diallo 🇬🇳
February 06, 2023

In the age of information and communication technologies, there are many offers that provide emigration opportunities in several Western countries. Links to facilitate obtaining the visa are widely shared in social networks by agencies. In the Republic of Guinea, offers for Canada and Australia circulate via WhatsApp and Facebook guaranteeing visas and jobs to candidates. But what about the reliability of these offers and opportunities on the web?

Offers sometimes too good to be true

According to France Verif,  an online site verification platform, internet scams increased by 400% in 2020.

This other offer provides a sponsorship visa to start a job in Australia sometime in 2023 mentioning that “the government is also looking for domestic and international candidates who can fill the shortage of jobs in Australia. Australia’s public services provide thousands of jobs” and this is a complete hoax. (https://jobfinderonline.imfortech.com/

This other link offers a referral visa for international candidates wishing to work in the “land of plenty” has been shared several times in WhatsApp groups.

“Dialogue Migration” tried to fill out the form but received this notification almost instantaneously: “Your application for the Australian Visa and Sponsorship Employment Program is now in progress. Please validate your name to proceed to the next step. Notice! The number of candidates is limited. »

In the comments, we tried to click on the profile of people who say they have obtained their visa, but it is impossible to access it.

What do official websites say?

We searched the official website of Australia’s Department of Foreign Affairs. We have not found any trace of this program anywhere.  

Long and complex process

Immigration to Australia is a process that can be long and sometimes complex, warns the website of the Australian High Commission based in Ghana which covers eight West African countries including Guinea, Senegal and Burkina Faso.   

The best solution, according to the High Commission, is to go through an immigration officer who will act on your behalf for all the administrative tasks associated with applying for a visa.

Faced with the recurrence of visa scams on social networks, the Canadian government alerts. They advise prospective emigrants to be cautious and vigilant when it comes to “offers to help you immigrate to Canada.”

According to the Canadian government, its website is the only official place to obtain Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) to Canada.

Ensure the site is secure

To avoid being scammed on social networks, some embassies provide some advice.

This includes making sure the site is secure by looking at the address bar (URL) to see if there is a padlock or an “s” at the beginning of the URL, which should look like this: “https://”.

Careful! This does not necessarily guarantee that it is not a fraudulent site. However, it shows that the site owner uses secure encryption processes to transfer the data and protect themselves from hackers.

Be well informed

To be protected from bad information about emigration, it is necessary to be well informed, so as not to easily fall into the veins of fraudulent sites by naturally filling in forms.

Stay away from those who make you believe in a quick and simple process of processing your application abroad for a guaranteed job and a favorable return.

Everything varies depending on the host country and the visa requested. Inquiring allows you to realize that later is not too late.

Like other countries, the Finnish Immigration Service also provides specialist and supporting information services by participating as a specialist in the discussion of emigration in their country.

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Guinée : Attention aux vraies fausses offres de visa sur internet!
Mamadou Saïdou Diallo 🇬🇳

Mamadou Saïdou Diallo 🇬🇳

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